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Employers interested in placing an ad on the OAVT website must fill out the below online Employment Ad Submission form. A job posting costs $75 (plus HST). Ads remain posted for three months.

If you are filling out this form for the first time and are not signed into a job ad or member account, please be advised that when you submit the form you will be creating a new contact profile and you will be sent a temporary password. This will create an account and allow you to post future jobs from within the profile, make changes to your current job ad, and view/print your invoices from within the profile. Please do not edit the posting until it is published. Editing before it is published will remove the job ad from our dashboard and we will not see your submission.

If you or your workplace already has an account, please sign into the website prior to posting a job. Signing into the website will also bypass the CAPTCHA code.

TIP: create a profile that will be accessible by others in your office if you are not the only person posting jobs for your organization. 

If you would like to remove your job posting because you have filled the position, please email with the following information:

  • Position title
  • Date of posting
  • Company name
  • Submitted by


  • Job postings that use terms such as “vet tech”, “veterinary technician”, “VT” or “AHT” will not be approved. These terms are not recognized by the province of Ontario, the CVO or the OAVT. Please refer to the position as Registered Veterinary Technician or RVT. 
  • Ads that include tasks generally appropriate for vet assistants and non-credentialed personnel will be posted provided they do not include a list of duties generally appropriate for RVTs. RVTs are educated professionals held accountable for their actions through OAVT By-law and the OAVT’s complaints and discipline process, and trained in tasks that do not fall under the duties of vet assistants or non-credentialed personnel.
  • If you are looking to fill more than one position, the use of the word “and” is acceptable. The use of “/” or “or” will delay the approval of your ad when used in conjunction with “RVT”.

Hint: Job posts with a detailed description of the position, the workplace, and information about what the workplace can offer the RVT (OAVT dues, CE opportunities, benefits etc.) will often see a higher response rate.

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